Tynemouth and District Motor Club - Rally Results from 1977



 Event  Date  Championship(s)
 LSP Motors Gwynedd Rally  5th February  Castrol/Autosport, WAMC
 Avon National Rally  16th April  Castrol/Autosport
 Centurion Rally  28th May  Castrol/Autosport, ANECCC
 Bath Festival Stages  18th/19th June  Esso Uniflo BTRDA Gold Star, ASWMC
 A.T.S. (Epynt) Stages  16th July  Castrol/Autosport, WAMC
 West Midlands Tyres Stages Rally  23rd July  Pirelli Cars and Car Conversions, WAMC,AWMC
 Burmah International Rally  19th-20th August  'Motor' RAC Rally Championship, Castrol/Autosport, "The Scotsman"/Glayva Scottish
 Wynn's Tyneside Stages Rally *  21st August  Central Tyres Clubmens, ANECCC
 A P Stages Rally  11th September  
 Europa Lodge Lindisfarne Rally  1st October  'Motor' RAC Rally Championship, ANECCC
 SKF Stages Rally  9th October  
 Castrol '77 National Rally  15th October  'Motor' RAC Rally Championship, Castrol/Autosport
 Focol Wyedean Stages  5th November  Castrol/Autosport, Esso Uniflo BTRDA Gold Star, WAMC

* Results by Tyneside Motor Sport Group - Results Team Managers - Don Tarbet and Lynn Forster

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