Tynemouth Computer Services - Rally Results from 1986



 Event  Date  Championship(s)
 Winter Stages Rally  4th January  Hytech ANECCC, Fred Henderson/Colway Tyres ANECCC Clubmans, Swift Motorsport Tyneside Tarmac
 Citroen National Winter Rally  25th January  Shell Oils ASWMC Loose Surface
 Longleat Stages Rally  2nd February  Motoring News Stage, Zenith Motorsport WAMC, Shell Oils ASWMC,Autocross ACSMC Tarmac Stage
 Skip Brown Rally  8th February  Marlboro National with Autosport, Lada Challenge, Skoda Trophy
 Wyedean Stages  15th February  European Motorsport BTRDA Gold Star, Colway Tyres Nova Junior Cup, ASWMC Loose Stage
 St. David's Day Rally  1st March  Nicolet Instruments Welsh, ANWCC
 Sutherland Dukeries Rally  1st March  Mick Briant Products Road Sport, Northern Rally Services EMAMC
 Jim Clark Memorial Rally  2nd March  Darlington and Stocktom Times ANECCC, KARS Stage, BDMC Border,
 Colway Tyres Lakeland Stages  15th March  Mick Briant Products Road Sport, AC Delco Astra Challenge, Darlington and Stocktom Times ANECCC, ANCC, SD34
 Direct Windows National Rally  22nd March  European Motorsport BTRDA Gold Star, Colway Tyres Nova Junior Cup
 'Early' Easter Stages Rally  23rd March  Fred Henderson ANECCC Clubmans, Monroe/Swift Motorsport Tyneside Tarmac
 Sonat Granite City Rally  19th April  Marlboro National with Autosport, Esso Scottish, Lada Challenge, Skoda Trophy, Securicor Sierra Challenge
 South West Stages Rally  27th April  Shell Oils ASWMC Open and 1600 Loose, AC Delco Astra Challenge, Fiat Challenge, Mick Briant Road Sport Rally Challenge
 Nexus Manx Stages Rally  10th May  Marlboro National with Autosport, Securicor Sierra Challenge, Skoda Trophy

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