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 Event  Date  Championship(s)
 Rothmans National Rally  6th March  
 Rothmans National RallySprint  7th March  
 Sutherland Dukeries Rally  6th March  Esso/BTRDA Gold Star, EMAMC
 Gwynedd Rally  13th March  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National
 Goodyear Lakeland-Ford Stages Rally  20th March  Esso BTRDA Gold Star, ANECCC
 Marby Stages Rally  21st March  Rally Sport, Lada Challenge, ASWMC
 Rodgers Carpets Rally  27th March  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National
 Plains National Rally  3rd April  Esso BTRDA Gold Star, ANWCC
 John Clark BMW Granite City Rally  24th April  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National, Esso Scottish, ESACC
 Rothmans Manx Stages Rally  22nd May  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National
 Waxoyl Centurion Rally  5th June  Esso BTRDA Gold Star, ANECCC
 Newcastle Building Society Northumbria Stages Rally  26th June  ANECCC
 Esso Border Counties Rally  17th July  Esso BTRDA Gold Star, Esso Scottish, ANECCC, ESACC
 Peter Russek Manuals Rally  24th July  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National
 Newcastle Moat House Lindisfarne Rally  4th September  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National, ANECCC
 Telford Forestry Stages  11th September  Esso BTRDA Gold Star, AWMMC
 Rothmans Manx International Rally  16th-18th September  European (Coefficient 2), Rothmans RAC Open, Irish Tarmac, West-Euro Cup, Belgium, Citroen-Total Visa Trophy
  Pirelli Tour of Cumbria Rally  25th September  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National, ANECCC
 Pace Petroleum National Rally  16th October  Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National
 Quip Forest Stages Rally  23rd October  Esso BTRDA Gold Star

Championship Final Results:

 Pace Petroleum/Autosport RAC National Rally Championship 1982
 Esso BTRDA Gold Star Championship 1982
 Rothmans RAC Open Championship 1982

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