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 Event  Date  Championship(s)
 AMEC Lindisfarne Rally  24th January  Motoscope ANECCC, Gold Chip/Mayfair Service Station ANECCC Clubman's Stage, Mintex Swift Motorsport Tyneside Tarmac
 Mazda Car-Line Winter Rally  30th January  Mintex National Rally Series, ACSMC Masters, Tim Stiles Racing ASWMC Loose Surface Stage
 Breckland Forestry Rally  13th February  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Clubmans, Autocross ACSMC Masters Stage, Motormania AEMC, ANEMMC Multi-Venue Stage, ASEMC Stage, EMAMC Multi-Venue Stage, LCAMC Stage, Peugeot GTi Rally Challenge, Shell Skoda Trophy
 Malcolm Wilson Lakeland Stages  13th March  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Club, Shell Skoda Trophy, Motoscope ANECCC, TI Motors Rallyspares ANCC, ANWCC Forest, CMSG, SD34, KLMC Lees for Tiles, WDMC Dobies Cumbria, Classic & Sportscar Historic Stage
 Vauxhall Rally of Wales including Panaround National #1  20th/21st March  Mobil 1/Top Gear British Rally Championship, Lombard Finance British Junior, Bruce Trophy for Triple Crown, Britsih Formula 2 Championship
 Charringtons RAC International Historic Rally of Great Britain (including National Rally)  26th-28th March  
 Granite City Rally  27th March  Mintex National, Burmah Scottish
 Loveday & Bennett Tour of Lincs  4th April  Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Multi-Venue Stage, Ti Motors Rallyspares ANCC Stage, EMAMC Multi-Venue Stage, Lada Rally Challenge
 Rallysport Magazine Woodpecker Stages #2  4th April  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Club, Welsh Clubmans Forestry, ANWCC Stage, Midland Performance Centre/Furrows for Ford West Midlands Stage, Shell Skoda Trophy
 Pirelli International Rally  17/18th April  Mobil 1/Top Gear British Rally Championship, British Junior Rally Championship
 Pirelli Trophy Rally  17th April  Motoscope/ANECCC Stage, County Motors Wigton MC, Cumbria MSG Stage
 Plains National Rally  8th May  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Clubmans, Peugeot GTI Challenge, City Speed of Gloucester Welsh National, PEC Atkinsons Tyres ANWCC Forest, Shell Skoda Trophy, Lada Challenge
 Cop-y-Cat Manx National Rally  15th May  Mintex National, Demon Tweeks Motoring News Tarmac, Dunlop Metro GTi Challenge
 Perth Scottish Rally (International, National, Land Rover, Historic)  4/6th June  European Rally Championship for Drivers (Coefficient 10), Mobil 1/Top Gear British, Triple Crown, Lombard British Junior, Burmah Scottsh
 John Harrison Peugeot Dukeries Rally  5th June  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Club, EMAMC, Peugeot GTI Rally Challenge
 Kerridge National, National B and Historic  13th June  National: Mintex National, City Speed of Gloucester Welsh National Stage, Shell Skoda Trophy, Peugeot GTI Rally Challenge, MPC Motorsport/Furrows Ford AWMMC Stage; National B: Welsh Clubman's Forestry, Lada Challenge; Historic: Classic and Sportscar Stage, Speed Sport Design Welsh Historic
 Aston Martin Owners Club 2nd Historic Road Rally  12/13th June  AMOC Historic Road Rally Championship
 Quinton Stages Rally  24th July  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Club,Welsh Clubmans, MPC/Furrows AWMMC
 Holiday Inn/Weston Park Historic Stages & Colway Stages  25th July  Historic: 'Classic & Sportscar' Historic Stage, AWMMC Historic, 'Speedsport Design' Welsh Historic, ANWCC Historc; Colway: Colway Formula Junior
 Kayel Graphics National Rally  7th August  Mintex National Rally Series, City Speed of Gloucester Welsh National Stage, Peugeot GTI Rally Challenge
 Vauxhall Astra Stages  21st August  PEC Atkinson Tyres ANWCC Forest, Welsh Clubman's Forestry Stage
 Manx International Rally  15th-17th September  European Rally Championship for Drivers (Coefficient 20), European Challenge for Drivers of Production Cars (Group N), FIA European Rally Cup for Drivers, Mobil 1/Top Gear British, Lombard Finance British Junior, West-Euro Cup, Dunlop Irish Tarmac, Triple Crown for Bruce Trophy
 Manx Historic Rally  15th-17th September  
 Trackrod Forest Stages Rally & Buywell Retail Park Clubmans Rally  25th September  Mintex National Rally Series, Shell Skoda Trophy. Clubmans: Lada Challenge
 Snowdonia Windows & Doors Cambrian Rally  2nd October  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Club, City Speed of Gloucester Welsh National, PEC Atkinson Tyres ANWCC Forest
 Midland Rally (International & National A Rally) #3  23rd October  City Speed of Gloucester Welsh National, MPC/Furrows for Ford AWMMC
 John Roberts Meirion Stages #3  23rd October  PEC Tyres ANWCC Forest, Welsh Clubmans Forestry Supported by Rally Car Magazine and Huw lewis Transport
 Castrol Crystal Ford Forest Rally  17th October  Peugeot Sport Gold Star, BTRDA Club, TI Motors Rallyspares Northern, EMAMC Multi-venue Stage, Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Stage
 Pye Motors Classic Illuminations Rally  23rd/24th October  Autostorica Historic, ANWCC Historic, BTRDA Silver Star Historic
 Rally Bristowe Supported by Eclipse Sunglasses & A.P.T. Printing  6/7th November  ASWMC Historic, WAMC Speedsport Historic, HRCR Autostorica Historic, ANWCC Historic, BTRDA Silver Star Historic
 3rd International Rally Britannia  21st November  

Results courtesy of: #1 Rally of Wales - Andrew Kellitt; #2 Woodpecker - Roger Allan; #3 Results by WSSCC using TCS software;

Championship Final Results:

 Mobil 1/Top Gear British Rally Championship 1993
 Mintex National Rally Series 1993
  Peugeot Sport Gold Star and BTRDA Club Championships 1993

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